The BFP is a diverse group of independent businesses.  This diversity is a strength in that we have the opportunity to hear differing views and ideas to help guide our own thinking.

Our Google Group forum is used by members to:

  • Share ideas, articles and information of general interest to the group
  • Ask questions or comment on industry aspects (e.g. legislative changes)
  • Ask questions concerning business or financial planning matters
  • Refer a member to a recommended third-party supplier or service

You are encouraged to take the time to read the emails, and participate in group discussions of interest, as this is one of the key benefits of BFP membership.

Please be mindful that all communications sent via this forum will be received by all BFP members.  If you wish to make a private comment on a particular topic you can do so by making direct contact with the member.

We encourage members to share recommendations of third-party suppliers or services when a need is raised, however using this forum to undertake direct marketing of services that you/your firm sell is not permitted.  If you have a proprietary product or service that may be of value to members you are asked to contact the BFP President or one of the Executive Committee to discuss the options available to promote this.

The member’s principal contact (as nominated on the application form) is added to the group on joining the BFP.   The member may nominate business partners and staff to be added to the group by contacting the BFP administrator at